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Guys and Gals we are holding tryouts for the next two weekends, Dates are 15th & 16th of October, 22nd & 23rd of October from 2pm-7pm, Heres a personal invite from Al Snow. Due to the success of the academy we have decided to restructure the pricing and payment options, the prices are now £90 a month for an average of 21 sessions, thats less than £5 a session, (I know, I know, we are crazy) but we like to award dedication so the more you put in the less you pay! If you have heart, passion and dedication get yourself down and show us, we want you!

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  1. I’m 14, will this affect me being able to attend these tryouts, if not what age am i allowed to start because i have been interested in the business a long time now and i have watched wrestling a very long time to, i come from a martial arts background aswell. I have been doing kickboxing since I was 3 years old. Please come back to me with a responce as soon as possible yours sincerely ,

    David Hanley – Walsh

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